Tips for Growing Ticket Sales for Small Storefront Theaters

Tips for Growing Ticket Sales for Small Storefront Theaters
Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum / Unsplash

Small storefront theaters are great venues to see unique, entertaining shows without the traditionally high-cost of Broadway or equivalent sized theaters. They provide a save, low-pressure venue for performers and artists as well to produce and perform their art.

In this article, we'll discuss a few techniques for small storefront theaters to improve their ticket sales.

What exactly is a small storefront theater?

A small storefront theater is a theater that is usually located in a small, independent building. These theaters are often operated by a non-profit organization and are usually an important staple of the community. They often provide a safe space to produce plays or musicals that have not yet been seen by the public.

Small storefront theaters are an important part of the arts community because they provide artists with the opportunity to work on their craft without having to worry about producing a commercially viable production right away.

What are the Challenges Faced by Small Storefront Theaters?

Small storefront theaters face a number of challenges. They have to make sure that they are able to keep ticket prices affordable for their audience. They also need to find ways to keep their audiences coming back for more.

Most common, especially for non-profit theaters is budget limitations. Being able to utilize tools that are inexpensive or free is ideal. Word of mouth is very often the top marketing method for theaters, particularly among the performers and their networks.

How do You Promote A Small Theater?

Theater marketing is a difficult task. It’s not just about advertising and promotion. A theater needs to have a good product for the audience.

In order to promote a small theater, it’s necessary to have an understanding of the audience and what they want from the performance. It's also necessary to know how to use social media effectively.

It's possible that a theater can make it with the help of its own community, which can be much cheaper than hiring an agency for marketing purposes.

Strategies That Work For Growing Ticket Sales For Small Storefront Theaters

In order to grow ticket sales, a small storefront theater needs to be creative and find new ways to promote their shows. There are a few strategies that work for small storefront theaters:

One strategy is to provide incentives or discounts on tickets. This strategy can work well because it lowers the barrier of entry for people who might not have wanted to pay full price. It can also entice large groups to attend, which typically can be persuaded by a discounted group rate.

Another strategy is to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This strategy can be effective because it provides an easy way for theatergoers to share their experience with their friends and family online. It's also useful for folks to continue engaging with the theater passively, so as to keep your shows and performances front of mind.

Finally, being able to offer online ticket sales can be a huge help. Allowing customers to view and discover shows online and purchase from the convenience of their homes is vital for modern customers. Ticket platforms such as Fourth Wall Tickets is a great solution for theaters looking to sell tickets, especially since it's free for theaters to use.


The conclusion of this article is that there is no one way to promote a show. However, with these tips, our hope is that you'll be able to grow ticket sales and make your theater more successful.